The Alabama Link is available on NXDN Reflector Alabama Link Talk Group 31010 and Icom Core Talk Group 31010,

The reflector dashboard can be found here < – – – – Clickable

The Icom Core dashboard can be found here < – – – – Clickable

NXDN requires a registration ID. Please register for an ID regardless if you plan to use NXDN or not. Registering helps everyone.

If you are on another mode and a user cross modes to NXDN of you have an NXDN Radio and you do not not have an ID it will default to ID 1044 W4DBG.


NXDN is an open standard for public land mobile radio systems, that is systems of two way radios (transceivers) for bidirectional person-to-person voice communication. It was developed jointly by Icom Incorporated and Kenwood Corporation. It is an advanced digital system using FSK modulation that supports encrypted transmission and data as well as voice transmission. Like other land mobile systems, NXDN systems use the VHF and UHF frequency bands. NXDN is implemented by Icom in their IDAS system and by Kenwood as NEXEDGE; both Kenwood and Icom now offer dual-standard equipment which supports the European dPMR standard.

Icom IC-F5400D NXDN Radio (Courtesy Icom)