The Alabama Link started in 2014. We are not a club or organization; we are a group of people who care about growing Amateur Radio. When we started there were two people with two Wires-X nodes. Now we have a conglomerate. You can find someone to talk to from Sweden to California and yes in Alabama. We welcome all and encourage everyone to be courteous.

If you connect to our network, you will find good people who enjoy the hobby.

We treat others the way we want to be treated.

If you have a question regarding the Alabama Link or notice something not working properly, I strongly encourage you to email one of the following people:

Danny Cooley (W4PCI) QRZ page for e-mail info

Bjorne Jonsen (SA6AUX) QRZ page for e-mail info

Russell Thomas (KV4S) QRZ page for e-mail info

Doug Gooden (W4DBG) QRZ page for e-mail info

Darrick Fields (W4DWF) QRZ page for e-mail info

This is a small list of who makes things work. You can also email us at info@alabamalink.info